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Heritage Wheat Flour


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White Flour from our heritage landrace wheat, stoneground at a local mill. Brilliant for bread, pastry and cakes of all kinds!

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Our ‘Dragon Flour’ is White Flour from heritage landrace wheat that was given to us by Torth Y Tir in Wales and milled by a local cereals cooperative at Dartington.

It works brilliantly in bread, pastry and cakes, and can be made into a self-raising flour by adding baking powder (1 tsp baking powder : 100g flour).

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A little more on our approach to the land

One of our missions at The Husbandry School is to help with a transition; we need to move towards a future where lands and communities care for, look after and belong together more than they do at present. We need thriving land communities, a thriving small scale agriculture.

As part of this transition we are growing and processing the staple foods of wheat and oats. We are using the small scale machinery, and the community skills to operate it, that is available to us here and now. We use a small tractor, a two-furrow plough capable of shallow ploughing, a manure spreader for increasing fertility, cultivators and our 1976 combine harvester.

In Summer 2022 two of our students transformed our combine harvester into a beautiful dragon – hence ‘Dragon Flour’! The project contributed towards their GCSE Art & Design work, under the theme of ‘Concealment’.

We are milling our wheat with the help of the local cereals cooperative at Dartington. It feels to us to be a good solid step in the right direction of community participation in the land’s life.

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