About Us

The Husbandry School is the Devon based joint venture of Carole and Jonty Williams. A journey that started many years back, it is the passionately held culmination of both their lives.

Join us on a journey of discovery:

  • Explore the ideas and practice of ecologically sound land management

  • See how land management based on good husbandry will provide real benefit for everyone

  • Develop the concept of twinning urban resources with rural resources

  • Devise better ways of managing land tenure, so that people with little knowledge of agriculture can gain a secure stake in the land, and in the practice of a husbandry-based business

  • Create better ways of doing business and trade locally and globally so principle of economic justice can ultimately be applied worldwide

What do we do?

  • Offer a therapeutic education programme in order to re-engage and re-inspire young people with learning
  • Provide adult education and training
  • Produce local food for local people

  • Provide chefs with high quality local produce

  • Keep heritage varieties alive and well

  • Put the odd, bizarre, nutritious and delicious into the kitchen

  • Explore methods of working with nature – using plants to keep plants healthy

  • Adhere to WFA principles and practice