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Mashua Tubers


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Mashua Tubers grown with love at The Husbandry School.

A hardy and reliable crop of beautiful and delicious South American Tubers, popular in New Zealand!


5 Mashua Tubers, Tropaeolum Tuberosum, grown with love at The Husbandry School. 

Mashua is a root tuber that has been grown in the Andean Mountains for centuries and contains more vitamin C than an orange.

Similar to a potato, this versatile tuber can be boiled mashed or roasted for a delicious lemony flavour, or sliced raw into salads for a fresh radish-like taste!

The leaves are also edible and make excellent and interesting additions to salads, and dressings and garnish.

These fantastic plants and not only delicious but beautiful, similar to a nasturtium in flower and leaf, Mashua add a wonderful point of interest even in small gardens.




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