Oca De Peru Tubers


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Oca De Peru Tubers grown with love at The Husbandry School.

A hardy and reliable crop of beautiful and delicious South American Tubers, popular in New Zealand!



5 Oca De Peru Tubers, Oxalis Tuberosa grown with love at The Husbandry School in South Devon, UK.

Oca De Perú has been a staple crop in rural Andean regions for centuries. Much like a potato, Oca is a tuber crop that produces a bounty of beautiful pink, red and yellow tubers that have a distinctly lemony flavour and full of vitamin C! Popular in New Zealand as a staple crop, these versatile and delicious tubers, are an easy to grow, low maintenance crop you will welcome back every year.

You can eat them raw, boiled, mashed, and roasted!

The leaves are also edible and make excellent and interesting additions to salads, and dressings and garnish.

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