Painting with Plant Colour Workshop


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There is a magnificence of colour in September, from Dahlia’s and Gladioli or Dartmoor’s famous Rowan – learn how to create plant-based inks from this wonderful flora and explore drawing techniques with your newly made materials.


2022 Course dates:

Saturday 17th September 2022


Price: £70 per person

Minimum age: 16.


Colour has a profound effect on us. The spectrum of colour we experience with plants is more expansive than what people are used to working with in other art materials. When we paint with plants, we encounter a truer experience of nature, and it can be surprisingly deeply moving.

There is a magnificence of colour in September, from Dahlia’s and Gladioli or Dartmoor’s famous Rowan – the warmth of reds, orange and purples of this time of year are incredible. By drawing and painting the plants we will directly experience the effects of this. In the exploration of their form and colour we will deepen an understanding of the life-forces available to us from the plant world. And, we will make inks, and work with the plants directly.

“When I become aware of the living forces of the plant, I will find the source for creating my colours” Rudolf Steiner

What to expect

  • Learn how to make ink from plants
  • Experience drawing and observation techniques to bring you into significant relationship with a plant or flower
  • Paint with therapeutically made plant colour paints, inks and crayons (provided)
  • Time for reflection
  • Create art that has a meaningful connection to the living nature of colour

 Materials provided, but please also bring flowers, or berries you feel very drawn to working with. We will also work with what is around us and growing at the school.

 “To feel the supreme and moving beauty of the spectacle to which Nature invites her ephemeral guests! … that is what I call prayer.” – Claude Debussy


**Please Note**

Individual refreshments will be provided, but we ask that all participants bring their own lunch as we are not able to provide a shared lunch under current COVID guidelines.

When purchasing your ticket, please ensure you complete the form to make us aware of any health conditions or allergies as well as any additional support that you may need during your day with us.

About the Tutor; Eleanor Darley

Eleanor Darley is an artist and transpersonal art counsellor.

Eleanor brings an in-depth knowledge of working with the form, colour and medicinal properties of plants through the creative process. 

She trained in traditional medicine in Mexico, Anthroposophical therapeutic art, and is founder of The School of Botanical Arts dedicated to using art to experience, explore and emanate the life of plants for the wellbeing of people and planet.

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