Natural Winter Skin Boost Workshop


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Rejuvenate winter affected skin with your own handmade natural remedies, and gain a better knowledge of which herbs, essential oils and other plant-based ingredients can soothe your face & body. 

This course is an exploration of herbs and natural ingredients to create gentle, nourishing remedies for winter affected skin.


2022 Course Dates:

Saturday 5th March 2022


Time: 10am – 5pm

Price: £70 per person

Minimum age: 16


In this workshop you’ll explore natural ingredients to boost our Winter affected skin. 

Beginning with a home-made warming tea on arrival, you will spend the day examining and playing with botanical ingredients for skin cleansing and rejuvenation, coming away with a better knowledge of what herbs and essential oils are useful aids for reducing inflammation and soothing your face and body.

The workshop will include a facial steam as well as using sugar and dried herbs for exfoliation. You’ll then learn about essential oil ‘families’ and how these precious oils work hand in hand with herbs to heal and revive our skin. 

You’ll create a set of facial revival goodies to take home with you – an anti-inflammatory cleanser, gentle toner, revitalising skin scrub and a nourishing face cream – and pot them up to take home with you and enjoy!


**Please Note**

Individual refreshments will be provided, but we ask that all participants bring their own lunch as we are not able to provide a shared lunch under current COVID guidelines.

When purchasing your ticket, please ensure you complete the form to make us aware of any health conditions or allergies as well as any additional support that you may need during your day with us.

About the Tutor; Tania Bryson

I am Tania, a mother, teacher, herbal educator, and wildcrafter of heartfelt herbal creations at Dream Thyme Herbal. I am a Devon girl, raised by the sea, having spent most of my time playfully exploring the beach, always in wonder of nature that surrounded me.  

It was the injustice that nature often experienced that really captured my attention. The first was a local conservation dispute involving the endangered bird, the ‘Dartford Warbler’ and developers. This became my 1st conservation project which led me onto studying a Geography Science degree, with a particular focus on conservation and the study of plants and soils, Biogeography. A trip over to Sumatra in my 20s opened my eyes to the plight of the orangutans and their loss of habitat to palm oil plantations. These experiences, amongst others, have touched my soul and have driven me to do what I do now.

Spending many years in Australia taught me a deeper appreciation of nature, with its vast rainforests that we lived amongst, in the sacred area of Murwillumbah, northern New South Wales. This is where my fascination with plant-based medicine started, the place I became a Mother to my now 18 year old daughter. She has been the pollinator of my passion to create natural and earth friendly remedies for everyday living. 

Having spent almost the past 2 decades formulating herbal recipes, I am proud to be able to offer people unique, ethical skincare and remedies to care for their families naturally. 

My workshops give others the opportunity to learn traditional herbal techniques in seasonal alchemy, from syrups and tinctures to creams and balms, whilst being mindful of great Mother Earth. Delving into history, we enjoy plant folklore too, realising it has so much to teach us.  The joy is being together with other like-minded people and sharing our herbal wisdom to help us on our journey of life.

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