In Celebration of Nettles Workshop


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This course is for anyone wishing to explore the wonders of the humble stinging nettle. Join us on the hill to experience the many uses to which nettles can be put, from a hot (or cold) herbal drink to the making of string.


2022 Course Dates:

Saturday 2nd July 2022


Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: £70 per person

Minimum age: 16


Celebrating Nettles – The stinging nettle is a much maligned underrated plant and its painful reputation makes it one that many people look to avoid, or worse destroy. Here at The Husbandry School we see the nettle rather differently, a wonder plant, super food and a fantastic natural resource.

You will start the day gathering nettles needed for the day’s activities and then processing the plants for the various uses that we’ll be covering. These will include the making of string, cooking with nettles, nettle tea both a version for us to drink and one to feed your garden plants and how to use nettle as a natural dye. We’ll also consider benefits of nettles to the natural environment and wildlife, and how we can use the plant sustainably.

Our aim is to send you away with an enhanced love for this much underrated plant and the knowledge of how to make the most of it. You’ll also take away the cord you’ve made to use at home together with some nettle dye work sheets and some of our favourite recipes.

You’ll be getting up close and personal with the nettle, stepping out around the farm and working outdoors so please wear suitable clothing and footwear. You may also want to bring a pair of gardening gloves.


**Please Note**

Individual refreshments will be provided, but we ask that all participants bring their own lunch as we are not able to provide a shared lunch under current COVID guidelines.

When purchasing your ticket, please ensure you complete the form to make us aware of any health conditions or allergies as well as any additional support that you may need during your day with us.

About the tutor; Gideon Foster-Turner

Gideon joined the school as a volunteer, having taken courses with us in husbandry and spoon carving. His formal background is in industrial laser micromachining, however his passions involve the outdoors and anything to do with trees form the growing plant to hand carving wooden objects. With a keen interest in traditional craft techniques, he can often be found on the top of our Devon banks, billhook in hand during the hedging season.

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