Build a Belt Leather Workshop


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Learn how to make a Leather Belt using traditional hand tools and the finest materials.
This day course is for beginners and will guide you through every step and stitch.

Course Dates:

Saturday 30th October 2021

Time: 10am – 5pm

Price: £70 per person

Minimum age: 16


The humble leather belt; beautiful, practical and vital for everyday use.
It only takes a trip to an airport security check-in to truly understand the importance and sheer quantity of belts we use.

Leatherwork is a fascinating craft; gentle, tactile and hugely absorbing.
In this course we will select, cut, trim, punch, rivet and stitch our leather all using traditional skills, tools and techniques passed down through generations.

Using Leather from J & F J Baker (Britain’s only remaining Oak Bark tannery) based in Colyton, Devon means we have access to the very best naturally Tanned straps that will last a lifetime; changing and maturing with the way you live your life, reflecting daily activities in a beautiful patina.

Buckles and Brass work is still forged in Walsall meaning the Belt you take away is Made, Tanned and Cast in the UK.

At the end of the course you will be equipped with a list of basic tools and contacts in order for you to carry on with this wonderful craft.


About the tutor; Edward Griffiths

Edward is a maker and doer, inspired by his surrounding and traditional craft techniques. He builds Log cabins, works with anything woodland based and tans, dyes and works his own leather.

After an introduction to saddlery with a family friend and Master Craftsperson Edward has gone on to develop and hone his skills making anything from belts to bags always using the highest quality materials and traditional hand tools and techniques.

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