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Who are we (and how did we get here!)
Jonty and Carole Williams
Carole’s background is in teaching – she took a Degree in special educational needs in London. She has taught in residential special needs units focusing on behavioral management, and in nursery and primary schools, again with a strong emphasis on special needs.

She has also worked as a community development leader for a district council rural art and sport project, and has twenty years of experience as a trainer and workshop leader in Devon whilst also chairing a charity promoting health and wellbeing of children through play. Above all she has both a passion and a strong ability to enable others to thrive.

Jonty’s interest began with a Degree in ecology and genetics at Lancaster University. This led, through an interest in all things to do with soil, to a five year apprenticeship in husbandry. He was taught and mentored by a countryman called Walter Edwards, who was brought up in Devon’s finest traditions of looking after the land and all things on it. Jonty went on to run a successful dairy herd for many years, and lately has taken on the task of understanding and learning about how we can renew the practices of husbandry today.

Prior to their move into the Husbandry School, Carole and Jonty together set up and ran a 40-tutor Course Centre in Arts, Crafts and Rural Skills on their farm in Devon.

Crew members

Chris Thompson
Chris joined us in 2009 to take a major role in the design and build of our beautiful hexagonal building – the heart of the Husbandry School. Chris’s creative and practical input was invaluable in achieving the stunning space that we have today.

I have been working at The Husbandry School for 2 years now. I began on a casual basis and as my interest grew it seemed an easy flow into getting formally qualified in this type of work – Carole, Jonty and their amazing project have inspired me to start a degree course at Bicton college in Horticulture and Plant Science.

I am now in my 2nd year and with one more to go I hope to become full-time garden manager and help teach the bounty of courses on offer at The Husbandry School. Jonty and Carole have made it possible for me to remain employed for two days a week while I study. This works well as i think it is important to have a good resource for vocational work to put theory into pratice.

Without starting work here I wouldn't have discovered my love for plants and the art of husbandry. It has led me down a path with endless possibilities and Carole and Jontys inspiration, hard work and focus has helped me to make real and valuable choices in my life and to further my career ahead.

Dan Handley
Working at the Husbandry School has really changed my life. It is an experience I will never forget and I’ve loved every minute of it. The skills I’ve learnt from Carole and Jonty in the last two years will stay with me for my life. They have taught me loads about being self-sufficient, growing and harvesting produce and how to look after the land. I now would have the confidence to become self-sufficient myself sometime in the future.

Carole and Jonty have now helped me find my own path by connecting me to James Knight-Pacheco, a top quality chef and the Ashburton Cookery School.

Choosing the Husbandry School for work experience was perhaps the best move my life so far has had. I often wonder how different my life would be if I hadn’t been sent there.

Earth Skills Tutors

Vivienne Turner (Basketmaking)
I have developed many ideas with willow and recycled materials to form sculptures which have been part of the Teignmouth Art Trail. They were collaborative pieces and I was working with students from Brixham Adult and Community Learning. For several years I worked for Devon Artists in Schools teaching children how to create willow sculptures. We made a variety of forms from David and Goliath to Harvest Spiders and Ladybirds.  It is extremely rewarding working with children they have limited boundaries with imagination and happily weave freely.

I regularly teach Adult Educational Classes at Totnes. They are beginners courses and range from simple fruit baskets to Christmas Decorations and Plant Supports.

Many of my students over the years have developed good skills and techniques and now form a private group of improvers which I teach once a month. We develop ideas and hone skills, very often studying European styles of basketry.

In recent years my sculptures have been at the NEC in Birmingham. Both basket and sculpture work has been at the Chelsea Flower Show with two different exhibitors. Collaborative pieces have been displayed at Warrington Shopping Center and the Eden Project. One of my most recent pieces stands in the grounds of Tuckenhay Mill, a willow lady depicting one of the workers around 1880.

Creative Programme Tutors

Lucy Lepchani
Lucy Lepchani writes poetry for stage and for page, and also short fiction, and life-writing. Her work has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies.She has a working background in a broad range of arts media, youth and community, and therapeutic roles.

She currently works freelance as a visiting artist and writer in schools, theatres, and for youth and community groups; and is also employed as a creative writing and poetry tutor with the Workers Educational Association.

Chris Thompson
Vivienne Turner
Sean Hellman
Lucy Lepchani
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