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Husbandry is an honourable, ancient art which we believe will play a vital role in the transition we all must make towards a sustainable future - for towns, for agriculture, and the planet as a whole.

We are not talking about animal husbandry (the care and management of animals). Or crops. Or even husbands.

We are talking about something very much more. Husbandry is an ancient word which means nothing less than 'the care and management of nature and resources for living'. This meaning has all but gone into obscurity. We are going to help renew that meaning. It seems important.

The traditionally taught trade of husbandry offers insights and techniques with which we can practice managing nature’s ecologies within our boundaries and capabilities. It is our view that a knowledge of husbandry is vital to every trade, business or occupation, for them to operate ethically and sustainably. Husbandry is the life-giving business of looking after the interaction between human and planet.

We feel that a much-needed contemporary re-working of the traditional values and practices of husbandry could offer some valuable answers to the global problems that we are all facing today.

"Husbandry is all-encompassing - and fundamental to which is the business of looking after the soil. Or, to put it another way, looking after what most people consider waste. Husbandry is looking after our muck, the mess we make around ourselves, and turning it into productive gardens."
The focus of our campaign is our practical application of the principles of husbandry on 47 acres of land near Ashburton. This land is intended to be an experimental learning centre where anyone who wishes can be involved in re-learning the most ancient of skills - looking after the ground which
looks after us.
Did you know....
That anyone can become involved in re-learning this most ancient of skills - looking after the ground which looks after us?

That the Art of Husbandry offers insights and techniques which can help us manage nature’s ecologies?

That the teaching of husbandry has a long tradition in this part
of the world?

That the course leaders at The Husbandry School have strong connections with this tradition?

And that an understanding of husbandry is vital in moving every walk of life towards sustainability?
Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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