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'Shrink pot' making (2 day course)

Weekend 25th and 26th March 2017

Time: 10am - finish 5 / 5.30pm

Price: £120 per person

Max 7 students

Sean is one of the few people in the country making and teaching the traditional, and little known craft of making shrink pots.

So what is a shrink pot?

Shrink-pots are beautiful, functional, tactile pots made from hollowed-out, green branch wood or green logs. They are great fun to make and provide practical storage solutions for the kitchen. Commonly known in parts of Europe and beyond, their tradition died out in this country in the Dark ages.

Their origins go back millennia to when, some peoples used wood to make storage vessels for food and other stuff. Shrink pots come in all sorts of sizes, from a few inches diameter, up to three foot in diameter or to 6 foot high. They are often made with tight fitting lids and can store any dry goods.

When the log or branch is hollowed, a small groove is put into one end on the inside, and a disc of dry plank-wood is cut to fit inside this groove. This is the bottom of the pot. As the hollow pot dries, it shrinks around the base and holds it firmly. A lid is made from another piece of plank of wood.

No woodworking knowledge or experience is required, although if you have green or normal woodworking experience then this will help you progress faster. Only hand tools are used on this course: you will learn how to make these pots with a minimal investment in tools.

You will learn:
• How to use an axe and knife safely. Step by step tuition is given in each axe and knife technique.
• What wood to use and what part of the tree to use.
• How to drill out and remove wood from the centre of the pot
• How to refine and finish the roughed-out pot using a range of knives.
• How to make the groove to fit the plank and how to cut out and make sure the plank fits the pot.
• How to make various types of lids.

You will be able to try out a range of commercially available knives and axes and other hand tools.
Depending on your skill level, you will make at least one pot during the day, but will also take home the knowledge and techniques to continue making pots on your own.

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Shrink Pot Making (2 day course)

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