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The Husbandry School – where the land becomes the classroom

The Husbandry School is set in a stunning location in the heart of the Devon Countryside. From its hill top vantage point you can see the breathtaking tapestry of the landscape unfolding into the distance; from craggy moorland tors to rich green valleys rolling downwards to the coast, its unique setting brings a sense of place and history alive.

The Husbandry School provides the perfect place to explore:

  1. Devon’s natural environment and landscape
  2. Past historical events and influences
  3. Devon’s cultural identity, customs and traditional practices
  4. Our place in the landscape

We can offer one off or longer sessions, tailored to enhance your curriculum provision. We work with you to meet individual teachers and groups needs, designing the programme around you. We currently have successful primary and secondary school pilot projects taking place and more planned for 2018/19.

As well as exploring geography and history we can also run sessions that look at:

  1. Alternative energy
  2. Where does out food come from – developing a connection to the land
  3. Growing fruit and vegetables
  4. How to plants seeds and nurture seedlings
  5. How to set up a veg garden at your school
  6. Rural skills
  7. Art on the land
  8. Creative workshops, painting, drawing, felt making, paper making story telling etc.
  9. Learning about animals, chickens, sheep, pigs and goats
  10. Cooking skills

We have a huge outdoor learning space as well as a number of yurts that can be used for indoor classroom space, an outdoor wood fired oven and facilities to make and provide lunch for pupils.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs and to set up a programme for your school.

Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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