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Quotes from volunteers and course participants

"If you want to be happy for a day; get drunk
If you want to be happy for a year; fall in love
If you want to be happy for life; be a gardener!"

"This is the life". Lucy

"The weekend was incredible". Milly

"I saw a lamb being born for the first time in my life, ate the best food ever, named a couple of sheep and got an enormous feeling of satisfaction after each single day of work in the farm. Thank you for welcoming us! Catarina

"Thank you, thank you for the warm welcome to the beautiful countryside. We will definately be back soon. Good luck with the school!" Robyn

"It is great to actually see sustainable living working in an accessible and everyday environment. It does work!" Linzy

Quotes from Chefs

"The Husbandry School is the most exciting grower-supplier in the West Country today! I await delivery of Carole and Jonty's superb salad and vegetables with anticipation. They regular'y bring something new and fantastic that I have never seen before, from the range of odd pumpkins to the bizarre African horned cucumber, every delivery is an education".

Tim Hall, Head Chef Burgh Island
Good Food Guide quote from an interview with Rosie Weston of the Vineyard Café, Ashprington, which won the Editors Award for the best Al Fresco restaurant:
"Do you have a favourite recipe or ingredient? (I love the old fashioned Devon WI recipe for green bean chutney which we serve a version of with our selection of Sharpham cheeses. I also love the bags of fresh salad leaves that we get from The Husbandry School in Ashburton, Devon. They are full of picked herbs, leaves and edible flowers - delicious."

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I had the most enjoyable time. The Venue, food and course were all exceptional.’

Recent Course Participant
‘Fabulous setting, food and welcome were outstanding. I would recommend it.’

Recent Course Participant
Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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