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Our many inspirations
Having been on the planet for more decades than we would care to mention, both Carole and I have obviously been exposed to many profound influences over the years that have affected both our working and personal lives in many ways. Here are some of the key influences that not only helped bring about the Husbandry School project, but are also instrumental in its ongoing development.
Walter Edwards – a Devon farmer, mentor and friend
The life of Walter Edwards is the main inspiration for our work and business at the Husbandry School. He was an extraordinary, courageous and strong man who took full responsibility for the husbandry of his land. He was a master of his art. Without Walter Edwards this project would not exist. It is because we have a strong connection, through him, to the ancient and most important traditions of husbandry, that we can speak with some authority on this subject.

Please read my tribute to his life and work - here
Henry George – political and economic theorist and writer
Henry George was a famous 19th century American whose main work, Progress and Poverty, was first published in 1879. Although a bestseller in its day, selling over three million copies worldwide and becoming the best selling book of its time excepting the bible, his work is not widely known today.

In essence, the book's enquiry was to question why, amidst all the wealth-creating ability of modern industrial economies, poverty and inequality were so prevalent. The parallels between today and the late 19th century are many, strong and important - more

Taste of the West is the original regional food group. They cover the whole of the South West and the aim of their membership organisation is to develop the region’s exceptional food and drink industry.
"The online market for businesses that are rooted in the soil". Looking for the online market where people care about sourcing locally? Muddy Carrot is both a market and a noticeboard to find those local hidden gems.
We are proud to be affiliated members of The Wholesome Food Association and are more than happy to be guided by their principles in our work here.
Situated on the edge of The Dartmoor National Park, the Victorian walled Community Garden on The Parke Estate is maintained and managed by local people. It's welcoming gateways are open for anyone to wander through when the gardeners are working
Inspiring Books:
Progress and Poverty
- Henry George
Best selling seminal work from 19th century American economic theorist, Henry, first published in 1879.

Available from Amazon.co.uk - here
Available from Amazon.com - here

More to be added soon!

Inspiring Websites:
Wholesome Food Association
Local food grown with nature in mind
The WFA local symbol scheme is a low-cost, 'grassroots' alternative to organic certification for people who are growing or producing food for sale in their local region.

Smallholders Online
From a garden to a family farm

This site contains helpful references and aids to maintaining a smallholding. It features a frequently distributed, free, electronic newsletter (currently edited by WFA Director Sky McCain) where subscribers can place free ads and keep abreast of contemporary issues in farming and smallholding.

Devon Association of Smallholders

DASH was established in 1986 to serve the needs and interests of smallholders in Devon and the South West and those planning to undertake any kind of country living.

Schumacher College
Transformative Learning for Sustainable Living

Through an innovative approach to learning, Schumacher College has helped thousands of organisations and individuals in understanding and finding solutions for the most pressing ecological and social concerns of modern life.

Chagford Hub
- for all things sustainable in the Chagford are

The HUB is here to serve as a conduit and central point of reference for all wishing to work towards a more sustainable and bright future. If any one wishes to post information of a local and sustainable nature, this is the place...

Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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