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News from our smallholding.
Within just a few months of working the land, Carole and team's efforts in the 'market garden' have been rewarding, producing a wide variety of crops, from potatoes to peas, carrots to cut flowers, in fact green groceries of all colours (not just green!) We've been keen to re-introduce traditional and ancient varieties and have enjoyed experimenting planting them with natural companions.

We are intending to increase the production of fruit by creating an orchard of apples and pears, but also looking to soft fruit and berries too.

In the meantime we have been harvesting parts of the ecology of this land which are at present in overabundance – the wild rabbit, for instance!

We will also be producing arable crops such as wheat, oats and barley on a small scale – again focusing on ancient varieties. These cereals have dual use as foodstuffs and structural material, e.g., straw. We will also be producing other structural materials such as willow, hazel, ash and flax.

As you can see, our emphasis is on diversity – encouraging a diverse ecology is our business.
For the last few summers we have been trialling a small-scale veg box scheme to a network of friends and supporters in and around Ashburton. If you are interested in joining in this year then please let us know.

Our products are certified as wholesome by our membership of the Wholesome Foods Association, and in accordance with their guidelines our methods of food production are open to inspection by arrangement.

An Education: husbandry in action

By setting up this practical working experiment and thereby demonstrating some of the principles and practice of husbandry we hope to share what we are learning with others who are interested.

Carole brings much experience from both the private and public sectors, having previously taught children, adults and those with special needs, and therefore, combined with Jonty's husbandry training, there is a great opportunity as time progresses to offer a valuable real, live teaching and learning experience that addresses the enormous variety of interests which come under the overall umbrella of husbandry skills – more

The husbandry School supplies many local restaurants, hotels and other businesses with their traditionally grown produce.

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Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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