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"We have created the best "class-room" from which the husbandry school can deliver its knowledge and experience - the land itself!"
Having spent the first year working to improve the land, applying the principles of husbandry and developing the market garden enterprise and veg-box scheme, we have simultaneously created the best sort of 'class-room' from which the Husbandry School can deliver its knowledge and experience, that is the land itself – though during inclement weather we do have a wonderful, super-sized yurt as an indoor teaching space.

The course tutors
Carole brings much experience from both the private and public sectors, having previously taught children, adults and those with special needs, and therefore, combined with Jonty's apprenticeship and training in husbandry, there is a great opportunity as time progresses to offer a valuable real, live teaching and learning experience that addresses the enormous variety of interests which come under the overall umbrella of husbandry skills.

Close associations
The Husbandry School has formed close links with the prestigeous Ashburton Cookery School.

We have been providing fresh produce from our fields for use in the Ashburton Cookery School kitchens, and since Spring 2008 we have also be hosting educational field visits for their cookery students.

These field visits will:
• Introduce students to husbandry principles, in the use of wind, water, shelter, and soils in producing food.

• Introduce students to husbandry practices, firmly rooted in the Devon tradition.

We are able to show:
• The advantages of growing ancient, rare and heritage varieties of food crops, and the nutritional benefits of using these.

• the importance of nourishing the soil. As well as material generated on our own land we also use composts made by Teignbridge District Council from the garden and kitchen waste collected in and around Ashburton. Building and maintaining a whole balanced soil ecology is essential and leads to nutritional benefits of the crops grown.

• The intelligent use of all water supplies on the land, including our own spring water, in growing produce. Good water management includes the use of drainage and irrigation ditches and leats which take water from where it is in excess, store it, and then deliver it for irrigation where it is needed.

• the importance and effectiveness of companion planting, rotation of crops, and maintaining a wide diversity of plants.

• How all these factors and others can combine to increase the quality and nutritional benefits of the ingredients on their journey from field to kitchen to dining table.

We're very much looking forward to seeing how our association with the Ashburton Cookery School continues to develop, and how our teaching programme can be developed to create a truly holistic approach to food education.

We offer a range of fascinating hands-on courses.

Its gardens and its inspirational and knowledgeable tutors combine to offer a very special resource for you.

Course numbers are small so there is plenty of opportunity for one to one attention and for asking questions.

All materials are included in the course fee and you will leave with lots of things to take home with you.

...and lunches and refreshments will be provided from produce grown at The Husbandry School….naturally.

The core tutors for the Husbandry Skills courses are Jonty and Carole, of course, along with longstanding team member, Sula. MORE
Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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