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Husbandry: an ancient
art for the modern world

by Jonty Williams

Ever thought of being a husband or wife to a piece of the earth?

Each and every human being alive today belongs to a world which is alive. The resources of land, sea and air we find ourselves in are composed of alive ecologicl communities - both urban and rural.

We humans find ourselves placed at the top of food chains of these pieces of the earth. This gives us a special, self-interested need to look after them.

This book tells a story of husbandry - a proper, time-honoured way in which humanity may participate as members and marriage partners with the 'earth communities'.

This book also shows how we might link together and apply the power of our economic systems to this task so that earth communities and humanity's marriage to them may both flourish

husbanding evan a small piece of the earth is both a breath-taking ambition and one which recognises the equal dignity and regard that both human and soil need to have for each other.

Husbandry requires an exclusive relationship of a person with the land. Dignified secure tenure requires the payment of dues to compensate those who are excluded.

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Image references (click to enlarge)
Apprentice in husbandry of
John Pooke to widow Anne
Rogers 1742
Dictionary definition
of Husband
Dictionary definition
of Husbandry
John Reed lease 1724
Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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