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Explore the ideas and practice of
ecologically sound land management in
the beautiful Devon countryside
Set in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside
The Husbandry School is the Devon based joint venture of Carole and Jonty Williams. A journey that started many years back, it is the passionately held culmination of both their lives.
Explore the ideas and practice of ecologically sound land management

See how land management based on good husbandry will provide real benefit for everyone

Develop the concept of twinning urban resources with rural resources

Devise better ways of managing land tenure, so that people with little knowledge of
agriculture can gain a secure stake in the land, and in the practice of a husbandry-
based business

Create better ways of doing business and trade locally and globally so principle of
economic justice can ultimately be applied worldwide
Provide education and training

Produce local food for local people

Provide chefs with high quality local produce

Keep heritage varieties alive and well

Put the odd, bizarre, nutritious and delicious
into the kitchen

Explore methods of working with nature -
using plants to keep plants healthy

Adhere to WFA principles and practice
Did you know....
That anyone can become involved in re-learning this most ancient of skills - looking after the ground which looks after us?

That the Art of Husbandry offers insights and techniques which can help us manage nature’s ecologies?

That the teaching of husbandry has a long tradition in this part of the world?

That the course leaders at The Husbandry School have strong connections with this tradition?

And that an understanding of husbandry is vital in moving every walk of life towards sustainability?

The core tutors for the Husbandry Skills courses are Jonty and Carole, of course, along with longstanding team member, Sula. MORE
Traditional farming methods for a sustainable future
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